I confess….


I have a bit of a Croc addiction!! Really….I currently have 8 pairs. Kevin and the girls all have 2 pairs as well. So I think it’s safe to say we all love Crocs.


Yesterday I finally got around to scrapbooking our trip to the Croc shop last July – oh, what fun that was. Here is the journalling…

“Okay, I have to confess our family is just a “little” bit obsessed with Crocs. And to say we were a little excited to spot the Croc shop in Perth would be a big understatement.  I can still remember Kevin telling me how good they would be for my heel spur – but I thought they were a bit ugly. We eventually all bought a pair for our houseboat holiday in Jan 2007. Once worn I’ve hardly stopped. Indeed they were fab. for the 18 month I suffered with the heel spur. Since that first pair my collection has grown vastly and includes many different style. The girls and Kevin also own a few pairs. I just lOVE them and wear them 90% of the time. They really feel great and because they are comfy I’m happy to leave them on. Oh, to live in the Croc shop!! “


3 thoughts on “I confess….

  1. Libby I love my Crocs too only have a few pairs but live in them. I bought Daryl a pair of thongs and he said he has never wore a pair so comfortable. My DiL bought a pair of shoes for work and loves them too…but was a bit embarrassed to say she had bought them as she thought they were not fashionable.
    I WILL buy more

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