How to waste time…


Okay, it’s not like I really have time to waste but that’s what I did this afternoon. One of the very first websites I stalked “Cassworld” has just started a blog. While exploring her new updates I started watching her Disneyworld video which got me thinking of our own videos…. can you see where this going? I found and watched video from our WDW trip 2002. Two hours later…..

But how fun seeing both the girls as “little girls” again – Amy was 3 and Christy just 5 months. It bought back so many happy memories. Then of course I wanted to share some of the Disney magic with you all so I had to create a mosiac….another hour or so gone…


Weren’t they just so cute? Why does the time go by so fast?

Don’t worry, I did get all the jobs on todays list done. But now I’m wanting to track down, and watch, the rest of our videos….. And there was the most gorgeous clip of Christy laughing madly at Amy playing with a balloon and I’d love to share with you all….

4 thoughts on “How to waste time…

  1. Wow, Amy’s hair has really gotten darker since then! It looks so blonde in those photos. I found our old 8mm tapes the other day and have been meaning to watch them too!

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