Favourite Summer Foods

Fruit plate

Fresh summer fruit…what more can I say. My favs. are mangos,cherries, watermelon & raspberries.
And strawberries fresh from our garden!!

Bowl of watermelon

Of course, you can always put it on pavlova nests with cream for a REALLY yummy desert.

Pavlova nest with cream & fruit

Then we have salad…I have this for lunch nearly every day during the Summer..changing it up a bit each day for variety.

My go-to lunch - salad

and plenty of barbeques…especially when entertaining and when on holidays…

BBQ veggies

And lets not forget my current favourite breakfasts…cheese on toast…

Cheese on Toast

and green smoothies…

Green Smoothie

and corn thins with hummus…

Afternoon Snack

Then we have dinners made with produce from the garden – zuchinni slice…

Zucchini Slice

and feta & cherry tomato frittata…

Tomato & Fetta Frittata

and lastly we have the yummy treats….banana goji muffins…

Banana Goji Muffins

and of course nothing says Summer like a bowl of  ice cream…

Libby's ice cream sundae

and even better is homemade ice-cream.

Home made ice-cream

Hope I haven’t made anyone too hungry and for those of you currently experiencing Winter…hope this gives you something to look forward to. Most foods I will eat year round but there are definitely some seasonal favourites. It will be interesting to do a Winter favourite post and compare.

What are your favourite foods to eat during Summer?

2 thoughts on “Favourite Summer Foods

  1. Mmmm watermelon, bruschetta, fresh peas eaten straight from the garden…raspberries….plenty of salads….

    I eat sooooo healthily in Summer and always lose sooo much weight – then along comes our long Winters and all I want is carbs and comfort food and junk 🙁 sigh….

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