A break in the rain…

….allowed me to get outside and check up on our vegetable garden. Unfortunately it’s not looking very healthy at all.


Things started to go bad when we were away January and Kevin only watered the garden once all week – despite having some pretty hot days. Then for the last week we’ve had lots and lots of rain.

So the tomatoes are on their last legs – the big ones have gone rotten (I assume from all the rain).


The celery stopped growing ages ago and looked like this after a week of no water.


Still no sign of any viable zuchinni (the one thing we’ve always had lots of success with), cucumber plant is dead and our pumpkins never got going this year. The only thing still looking good are the onions, carrots, capsicums and some of the strawberries. It’s been a very mixed year with the tomatoes (until we went away) being the most successful. Now need a dry/sunny day to get out there and give it a good tidy up.


5 thoughts on “A break in the rain…

  1. Libby the rain has just about done most of my garden too. We have had too much for most of the vegies I think my beans will be ok and maybe a few others but the weeds are growing really well…need to tidy up out there too

  2. Exactly the same experience here libby…only we didn’t go away!! At least the cherry tomatoes were good while they lasted. We plan to come back bigger and better next year 🙂

  3. What a shame Libby. This is one area I intend to really get into this year. But the disappointmants like this really make you wonder if all the hard work (and water) are worth it.

  4. Have you had a chance to get out there Libby? I just wanted to say that with your celery you can take a sharp knife and remove all the outer pieces – same way you harvest parsley. New stalks will emerge and you can continue to harvest them around the outside of the plant. I do that and have the same plants for 2 years, then they tend to go to seed. Maybe they’re like carrots in that way? Anyway, if the ratty celery is still there, might be worth a go?

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