School Swimming Carnival

Swim Carnival

The girls had their swimming carnival today – and amazingly it didn’t rain and we even saw the sun!!!

Christy came 3rd in 50m freestyle and made it to the finals – where she came last. She also went in the 50m backstroke.




Amy went in the 100m and 50m freestyle and 50m backstroke. No places but I was very proud of them both for getting in and giving it a good go.


It looks like she’s last  in this next photo. She was last but I think the two competitors behind her gave up at the 50m mark of the 100m race.



3 thoughts on “School Swimming Carnival

  1. Swimming carnivals were the bane of my school years (closely followed by sports carnivals lol). I’m glad they had fun!

  2. I LOVE swimming and would be in the pool 24/ 7 if I could – but yes, swimming in races at school would NOT have been fun for me at all – I was also late to learn to swim at school – so YAY for your girls and congratulations 🙂

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