This explains it


I was looking at Christy this morning and thought her school dress was looking a little on the short side. Then tonight she came down from her bath complaining her PJ pants were too short….they used to 3/4 length!! And the top is almost a midriff!!!  Lucky it’ll soon be Winter PJ time.

Don’t know how I didn’t notice the growth spurt. Two of the school Mum’s yesterday said Christy had shot up. Guess they were right!

Looks like I need to see the school uniform lady about getting some new dresses…oh, wait…that’s me :-).

4 thoughts on “This explains it

  1. Isn’t it amazing how much they grow and change over Summer!! That is when I always notice the biggest change too. I think it’s like weeds – all that water from swimming, all the sunshine and all the fresh air from playing outside constantly instead of being in a classroom 🙂

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