A Day in My Life – February


I woke up about 5.30m, lay in bed until just before 6am when I headed downstairs to start watching the Winter Olympics. I’m not much a sports watcher at all but I LOVE the Winter sports – which is why we paid to get the 4 channels on Foxtel :-). I also love watching surfing and cycling.

Anyway, Amy made meΒ  a cup of tea which I enjoyed with a few of yesterdays maple cookies while watching the Ski Jump.


Kevin left to for the day and Christy was at Nan’s (having slept over last night) Around 8.30am I headed upstairs for a shower and to make my bed.


I then got some breakfast…don’t look….it’s not pretty (leftover pizza) but it was yummy :-).


Time for a few jobs like emptying the dishwasher…


starting some bread….


making some scones and some banana coconut loaf (which will go in the freezer).

It was a rainy day outside (though humid enough we needed to air con on) and a great day for spending indoors.


Amy’s friend arrived to spend a couple of hours. Then time for some ironing…


Then back to the couch where I alternated between the mogals, luge and speed skating (felt so bad for the 2 Koreans who almost got silver and bronze).

The girls had lunch at the table and I enjoyed some cheesy potato chowder…yep, you guessed it -watching the TV.


Spent much of the afternoon here – but also used my laptap to work on a photo book for the girls for last year.

Just before 3pm Kevin arrived home and we went next door for afternoon tea – which was organised by Christy, with help from Nan. It was lovely and they had both gone to a lot of trouble. Everything tasted delicious.




We came back home about 4.30pm and settled down in the loungeroom. I’ve probably watched more TV in the last 30 hours than in the last month or two :-).

I gave the girls and Kevin the chocolate hearts I bought for them.


Around 7pm we were finally hungry enough to have some dinner – we had leftover TVP chili con carne to use up so I made up some wraps. But we won’t talk about where we ate them :-).


I cleaned up the kitchen…


and noticed the beautiful night sky…out the back…


and out the front…


At 8pm I took Christy up to bed and read her a story. More TV and playing on the computer until we head to bed.

3 thoughts on “A Day in My Life – February

  1. What a day!!
    I had a snaeaky look in your dishwasher and noticed that we have the same crockery set – the square white one. I am in the middle of replacing it as I find its so hard to fit properly into the dishwasher. And its really heavy. If I have guests over and we want to eat out by the pool, I can hardly manage to carry out 6-8 dinner plates without a crane. LOL

    I also have to tell you I love the pics of your dogs. Rhianna and I especially love the one where one of your girls has put boots onto the dog. We laughed like crazy about that pic. Hope you have a good week.

  2. What a great post πŸ™‚ Love it πŸ™‚ Those cakes and that afternoon tea looks sooooo good!! πŸ™‚ So English too πŸ™‚ Lol! Well so far today it’s 12:07pm and I am STILL IN BED!!! lol – a VERY lazy day over here in Canada – but I too have been watching the Olympics this morning…highlights and interviews mainly….

    Love your blog πŸ™‚

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