Weekly Cleaning

I might be odd but I actually look forward to my Monday morning cleaning sessions or weekly home blessings (c/o flylady) as I call it. It’s really pretty straight forward. I like to go room by room around downstairs, then move upstairs.

First thing is to put on cleaning apron so I’m in “work” mode…


and collect my supplies…enjo cloths and a flylady duster.


In each room, I dust and clean any glass tables, then vacuum…


and mop the lino and tile floors…


It usually takes around 1.5 hrs to do downstairs as I tend to get sidetracked and about an hour upstairs. I’ll take a break in between so all up around 3 hours.

However, today I learned that if I’m motivated and the house is already picked up (something the girls and I have been working on) I can get the WHOLE HOUSE done in under 1.5 hours!!!! Todays motivation – watching the Olympics. I knew not the put the TV on until I was done :-).

During the week I’ll try and find a few hours minimum to do detailed cleaning in one room but other than basic maintainence that’s it for the week as far as cleaning goes. Having a clean and tidy house makes me VERY HAPPY!!!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Cleaning

  1. Hi Libby,
    Its so funny that you posted about this as we had a girls afternoon yesterday and we all do the same on a Monday. I think its because the family has been home all weekend and the house in a mess but we all do housework on Mondays.
    When I used to live in a 2 storey house, I used to do the upstairs first and then work down the stairs but other than that I do the same tasks as you on a Monday. Love the apron idea. I have one for cooking but I need one for housework too.

    On another topic, can I ask about your being vegetarian? Is it just you or your whole family? What made you decide to go vegetarian? How long have you been doing so? I am just very interested in this topic at the moment. If that’s too personal please feel free to tell me to mind my own business but I would love some info about your meal planning around vegetarianism.

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