Becoming Vegetarian – Part 2

Sharing the couch One thing I neglected to talk about yesterday was our pets. Obviously the guinea pigs and birds are vegetarian. The chickens are fed a meat free laying mix. And yes, the dogs are vegetarian too. Seeing as I don’t eat meat for ethical reasons I can’t buy meat for them in good consious either. However, when Bailey was a puppy (and still growing) we did feed him good quality dry food (which contains meat). They are very healthy dogs, a nice weight (Goldies tend to be on fat side) and have nice shiny coats. Their normal dinner is made up of pasta or rice with veggies and additions like cottage cheese, eggs, and leftover tofu.

Wendy bought up iron deficiencies. This has never been a problem for me. I had a full blood test after having weight loss surgery and everything was perfect. But I guess it’s something to be aware for Christy as she gets older.

Amanda – I don’t worry so much about food combining but I try and make sure to get a good balance of food over the day, or over a few days. Most days I will have a green smoothie,  and a salad for lunch so that gives me a good healthy boost to start with.

I love my vegetarian lifestyle but also know it’s very easy to be a unhealthy one – I was for many years.


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  1. vanessa says:

    I am slowing wrapping my head around vegetarianism. I am almost one anyway as with the lapband I find it very hard to digest meat of any kind. We do eat a lot of fish and some chicken (organic). I think I’ll start the family off with no red meat for a while and see what sort of reaction that gets. Rhianna rarely eats red meat anyway. It will be my son that questions it the most I think. But if I never saw a piece of steak again, it would not bother me in the slighest.

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