It’s All Too Much

Somewhere in the land of blogs I came across a review of It’s All Too Much – a DVD by Peter Walsh. The preview looked good and I’m always on the lookout for extra organising hints so I decided to order it. At $30 AU (shipped from the USA) I felt it a reasonable price. It arrived last week. I’ve already watched it twice. It’s very good – well put together – and I even got a few ideas. Definitely worth checking out if you get the chance.

2 thoughts on “It’s All Too Much

  1. I have watched him on Oprah a couple of times…..He is an Aussie from Melbourne I think. He has a few books out too. He always has good advice.

  2. I have his book of the same title. One of the interesting parts was where he talks about keeping and storing memorabilia. I had kept my Year 12 formal dress as a reminder of my high school years even though the last 2 years of school were 2 of the worst of my life and on the night of my formal my boyfriend dumped me for somebody else. He asks in his book to really think about why you are keeping “stuff”. I got rid of the dress the next day and now only keep the really memorable stuff. I also took his suggestion of photographing memorabilia and then I scrapbook it. That way I still have a memory reminder of the item but no longer have the storage issues.

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