Wow, aren’t I a lucky girl? I received not one, but two, blog awards this week.

The first was from Mama Syder.

happiness award

The Rules of this award are:
1. link back to the giver of the award
2. List ten things that make me Happy

3. Pass on the award

In no particular order… 10 things that make me happy…right NOW….

* The Winter Olympics (and having a big TV and 4 channels to chose from)!!!!

* Being at home

* Air conditioning (it’s been stinking hot)

* My puppies

* Cups of tea

* A clean and tidy home (it is Monday after all)

* Knowing what I’m having for dinner tonight

* That our basketball team, the Hawks, are in the semi-finals (and doing great)

* Making plans for our UK trip in June

* Connecting with real life and internet friends

My second award, the Sunshine award, comes from Vanessa.

Sunshine Blog Award

I’m supposed to pass on these awards but that’s just too hard to do. You can find my very favourite blogs in the blog roll (hope it’s current as I’m always finding new blogs and in fact the two that passed me these awards may not even be there yet). Please feel free to accept either of these awards!


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2 thoughts on “Awards

  1. Hi Libby,
    I don’t really know the protocol for the awards that people give out. I’m sorry if I burdened you by making you a recipient. I just thought you had to accept the award and participate. It took me ages to give the award to 12 other bloggers. So what is the story with these awards? Can you ignore them or receive them and not pass them on? I’m not sure how to go about this situation?

  2. Hi Vanessa,

    Don’t worry about it. As far as I can tell you can either accept them or not. I’ve received a few and take them with the spirit that it’s meant – and they do mean a lot to me. I do have trouble forwarding them on as I don’t want to offend any of my fav blog – many of whom have become good online friends. So sometimes I forward on and sometimes I don’t – this time I took the easy way out :-). I think they’re a fun thing but I don’t take them too seriously. But I’m always happy to receive them :-).


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