The daily blog ?


Okay everyone. I need your honest opinions. I’m quite happy doing a daily blog post but I want you, my readers, to be happy as well.  I know everyone has limited computer time and there are so many wonderful blogs out there and I don’t want you losing interest or struggling to keep up. So please let me know if you’d like to continue seeing a daily post or if you’d prefer them a little less frequent.

11 thoughts on “The daily blog ?

  1. It must be my nosey nature (LOL) but I come and check in most days and am very happy when you post. In fact, I get to pretend I’m on a holiday as I “travel” with you to all the great places you go (I am so looking forward to our next trip!!!!!!!).

    I also like that you talk about a lot of topics that I like to read about 🙂

  2. Daily for me too, Libby, you’re not boring us and like Jody says, I’m looking forward to your next trip as well.

    You’ve also motivated me this week to get stuck in and tidy up my craft room and I’ve also bought the Peter Walsh DVD for further motivation!

  3. Hi Libby,
    I am enjoying the more frequent posts. I find them to be so motivating – especially the cleaining/ organizing ones. As long as you can still get things done and have balance with your family, I would vote for a continuation of the daily blog.


  4. I read your blog daily and would really miss it if it wasn’t there, however you have to be happy writing on a regular basis, if it becomes a chore it will reflect on your writing. You write such an interesting and varied blog, I would encourage you to keep it up – what a wonderful record to look back on in future years.

    Even though I am an ‘older’ reader I get great enjoyment from Life is a Journey not a Destination…Thank you Libby for the effort you put in.

  5. I don’t read any blogs daily, but I do check in here quite regularly and I like that there’s a page or so of posts to catch up on. Thanks for your efforts, Libby. x

  6. I’m just so sorry i haven’t been here in so long! life’s busy lately. … getting my own classroom in the fall and trying to finish up school. i’ve read all your blog entries as of late though and am glad to see you all are well! pretty scrapbooking! 🙂

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