Gotta love the local library

I have to confess it’s only been the last that I’ve really started utilizing the local library. In fact I only got a membership around 2 years ago. But when I realized I could request books, and they’d actually BUY them, then loan them to me – that was when I fell in LOVE!!!

Today I scored these little beauties…


The top 3 books I had ordered and the bottom two I saw when I had a little browse around. I’m especially excited about the Pioneer Woman Cooks by blogger Ree Drummond. I’ve flicked through it and think it might be added to my TO BUY list. This was one of my requests. I think in the last year I’ve requested at least 12 books and all have been purchased (except one they said was too old). Out of those 12 book I’ve gone on to by 1 (and this will no doubt be the 2nd). Lots of money saved there!!!

So if you haven’t visited your local library for a while do yourself, and your wallet, a favour and do so soon.

3 thoughts on “Gotta love the local library

  1. Looks like I’m on the hold list behind you once again!!!!

    Can’t wait for the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook 🙂

  2. We love love LOVE our library!! Our new one opens in the Fall and I am excited to see what it is like – it’s going to be soooo much bigger and better and has so many more facilities. I’m sad that it won’t be in the mall any more (which is so convenient) but the new facilities will make it worth the change. I have such fond memories of going to the library as a child, and am so glad my children have grown up as regulars at our local library. We live in a rural setting, and so are lucky in that the mobile library also comes to our area every Tuesday evening – we sometimes go to that for a change rather than heading in to the main library.

  3. I’ve just finished the Organic Home book you have. I am going to request that one for my birthday. I have the “It’s all too much” already and I’d love to read the Pioneer Womans Cook book. I might see if the local Library has a copy.

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