Kitchen Helpers

My dogs know that whenever I use the kitchenaid mixer there will be a bowl to be lick. Today Rosie had the first go and ended with with quite a bit of it on her head.


Then it was Bailey’s turn.


while Rosie watched, hoping he’d leave her some more…


Sorry Rosie, that bowl got licked clean!


2 thoughts on “Kitchen Helpers

  1. Very cute. And did Bailey then clean up Rosie? I love how you can see yours and Rosie’s reflection in the bowl. Very artistic! Is that Amy’s birthday cake you are baking?

  2. I have too many children fighting over my bowls to let the dogs get it – getting to lick the bowl clean is a treat for the children in this house lol – one gets the bowl and one gets the spoon or whisk lol! I’m guessing your girls were at school??? 🙂

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