The birthday celebrations

As is the norm in this home Amy started her birthday by opening her presents in our bed.


I told her she was only getting one present but there were really a few in the box. Mostly books, and she was very excited to get her main present…


Breakfast was her request – Cheesy corn muffins…


Then off to school with a big butter cake to share with her class. She wanted to walk with a friend so I had to drive the cake up to school as it was rather heavy.


After school we had Nan, Pop and Granny (her great Grandmother) over for afternoon tea and another birthday cake. It might look the same – but this one was a rather rich chocolate cake (her request).



Then for tonights dinner she had requested a muffin tin meal – something we haven’t done in a long time. Not the most nutritious meal – but it is a special day.


All this and we haven’t even gotten to the main birthday event yet….

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  1. vanessa says:

    Happy Birthday Christy. You look like one happy girl opening your presents. Libby, can I ask what camera you use as your pictures are always so fabulously clear.
    P.S That birthday cake looks yummy.

  2. annie says:

    Happy birthday to AMY!!!!!!!!!! Looks like a wonderful day….can’t wait to see what the main event is?!! The picture of her in her crib is precious!! Makes me want to hold a baby right now!!!

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