Our rescue mission

Yesterday the dogs discovered a little sparrow that had somehow gotten into the house and was trapped in the computer room. There is a glass door that opens into the loungeroom and he must have been up again the glass. When Amy opened the door she thought a mouse ran out but it was just a little sparrow. At first I thought it was half dead – either from being trapped or from fright with two big dogs chasing it. But after further examination I put it into a box with some water and budgie seed to try and recover.


It’s foot looked broken but a few hours later seemed okay. We put him in the spare bird cage overnight.


His wing appeared to not be working properly so this morning I took him into our birds vet (they do work for WIRES). They were going to have the vet check him out but it’s looking like he’ll make a full recovering and be released. It was nice getting to play a part in saving his life.


5 thoughts on “Our rescue mission

  1. Oh my God Libby. You are freaking me out.
    Last weekend my son hit a cookatoo type bird with his car on the way home from work. It was near our house so we ran up to see if we could help. We were not sure what was wrong with it but it could not fly.

    So I picked it up and put it into a box with some water and seed and put it in a quiet room in the house. We rang WIRES but they would not come out on a Fri night. So I rang the 24 hour vet and she said I’d done the right thing but to bring it into her in the morning to the surgery. Unfortunately it died overnight and I was devastated. I cried all morning. Stupid I know. But nothing like this has ever happened before and now for you to have the same thing happen at your place. Very freaky don’t you think?

  2. How fortunate that you had a quiet place to put the sparrow so it could rest, with food and water, too. I’m sure not being further stressed aided it’s recovery.


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