A Day in My Life – March

Goodness me it can’t be March already can it? Crazy!! Surely it was just last week I blogged a day in my life for February!


Prepare for a shock….guess what I time I woke up this morning….8am… yes 8am… I don’t think I’ve ever woken up at 8am when documenting a day in my life – talk about a sleep in for me. Must have really needed some extra sleep – having a couple of late nights (midnight) to stay up and watch the basketball hasn’t helped. So no early morning walk by the lake today :-(.

Got up and headed for the kitchen and cup of tea. Kevin’s away this weekend so the girls and I having a home day after being out ALL DAY yesterday.


Played around on the computer for a couple of hours with breaks to get breakfast – hot cross buns today…


and play with the dogs….


Also managed to get all the animals fed and watered and the dishwasher unpacked.

At 10am I had my shower (in which BOTH girls joined me – luckily we have a double shower) and got dressed, made the beds and helped Christy sort out and put away the new clothes and shoes she got yesterday. Now, can someone tell me how she has managed to misplace not only her school shoes but the new Crocs she got yesterday). Mama is not impressed :-(.

The girls from next door came over to play….


Time to put on the first load of washing and get the bread started. I tried to find a place on the bench to leave the breadmaker but it’s really a bit too big and chunky so back in the pantry it goes. I did swap to a different fruit bowl though.


Another cup of tea, then on do some ironing. Before…


and after…


I sat and read a few blogs and was motivated by Vanessa at Green Ness to go and sweep our pool area (it had been on the list to do during the week but I never got to it). Sweeping done it was time for some lunch, which I decided to enjoy out by the pool.


I’ve been going through some VERY old tour books on Scotland & England. After reading them I’m going to donate them – the ones I read today date back to 1992. Not sure why I have them when our first trip to the UK wasn’t until 1997.

I spent the rest of today outside working on plans for our trip. Rosie just fits on the seat beside me.


Bailey has to lie nearby.


It was nice to be outside and enjoying the last warm days. The girls also played outside – having a 3 legged race…


and making boats to float in the pool…


I still managed to drink quite a bit of tea throughout the afternoon.


I finally came inside at 6pm and made dinner for the dogs.


I then sat with my laptop on the lounge and made some more booking for our trip. The girls had gone outside to play with their friends some more.

Poor Dad came home from seeing Mum in hospital in a lot of pain from his hernia (which is having out next week). If he’s still unwell in the morning he’ll go see the doctor and I’ll go and visit Mum.

Amy and I had a late dinner – TVP wraps – the same as I’d had for lunch. We then watched Miss Naked Beauty. I took Christy up to bed just before 9pm and we finished watching the show as I typed up this post. Then time for bed. Kevin should be home around 11pm.

4 thoughts on “A Day in My Life – March

  1. Wow, what a busy day. It’s so interesting to see what others get up to on the weekend. I’m glad I inspired you to sweep the pool area. It looks fab. I’m off to do my ironing right now. There’s nothing more satisfying than an empty laundry basket.

  2. Your day is filled with sunshine and relaxing fun. Makes me impatient for our summertime here in the USA. Your pool looks so inviting…


  3. OK, with all the stuff you do, I feel totally lazy LOL! You are my inspiration!

    Is that a doggie drawer with the dog food??? How clever!!

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