Decorating with photos

When the girls got a new TV unit for Christmas we were left with a rather empty wall.


I moved the picture of the Disney Magic into the bathroom and got to work designing a photo wall. I’d seen similar ideas on the blogosphere.

First step was to buy cheap white photo frames and then cut out paper the same size. I then planned how they were to be positioned.


I then laid out the frames on the carpet to make sure they would good.


You’ll notice there was a slight change. Then it was a matter of waiting for Kevin to bring home the right tools so he could hang the frames for me. My last two photos arrived today so the job is now complete. And I LOVE how it turned out.



And best of all it’s an easy job to change out the photos when I have new ones I want to showcase.

5 thoughts on “Decorating with photos

  1. Great job Libby. I know how hard it is to get those hung all in the right positions. Not as easy as it looks. Well Done.

  2. That looks great I have a similar wall with family photos. Working out where the hooks go to hold them was fun….

  3. this look fabulous 🙂
    Would you mind sharing where you got the frames from and if they had them in black 🙂

  4. Great job Libby! I love how you planned out the position of the photos on the wall with the paper! Makes total sense but would never have occured to me. 🙂

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