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Where do you all find inspiration? Inspiration to live a full life, inspiration for craft, inspiration for your home, etc?

These days I find much of my inspiration in my computer :-).

My main source being the blogs that I follow. All my very favourite ones are listed on the side bar but there’s a few I find especially inspiring that I’d like to share with you.

Beauty that moves

Sunlight and Simplicity

Happy Jansens

Molly Irwin

Attic 24

Then of course I get loads of inspiration from Flickr.

Away from the computer I find inspiration in nature…

November Sunrise

and in my favourite magazines…


and catalogues from shops like Target and Pottery Barn…


There is inspiration all around if we look for it. I’d love you know what inspires you – especially any blogs for me to check out :-).



One thought on “Finding Inspiration

  1. I am curious to find out how you get the Pottery Barn catalogue 🙂
    I get alot of inspiration from my two favourite shows on the How To channel, Sarah’s House (just started again) and Find My Style.

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