The stash

Okay, I have to confess that since learning the knit nearly 3 years ago I have amassed quite a bit of wool. So much so I no doubt have many years of wool requirements. The main reason I have so much is when I first started buying I just bought what I liked, then I bought thicker wool as it was easier to work with, and the colours I wanted for the scraves I was knitting. Then I moved on to crochet and needed to buy thinner, smoother wool, and again the colours I wanted for the blankets.

This is my main basket, which contains the wool for the crocheted blanket I’ve been working on for far too long. Really need to get going with it and get it finished before Winter. The wool…


and the blanket…


And another basket with wool ready and waiting for when I learn how to crochet granny squares. I tried to buy enough of different colours so I won’t run out.


The bag is the wool I just had to buy in Bowral and the scarf I started to crochet….way back in January…I will take this away at Easter as it will be an easy project to work on while in the car or while chatting.


And just when you thought you’d seen it all….the BIG basket of wool that hides out in the laundry.


And you know the crazy thing – I need to buy more as I want to make a scarf for Christy to go with this gorgeous beanie and I just don’t have the right colours for it!!!


As I was writing this post I realized the REAL crazy part of buying a knitted beanie when I have ALL this wool just waiting to be used. To be honest I did say in the shop I could knit one myself but I’ve only knitted one beanie so far and it didn’t look as good as this :-).

5 thoughts on “The stash

  1. Love the colours in the top blanket, Libby, and the different textures really look good too.

    I have some wool in my stash that’s been there for over 20 years, so don’t feel too bad!

  2. I totally understand the “collecting” mentality 🙂

    I have been madly crocheting washcloths after participating in Mel’s 2 week challenge and I have a fair stash of 4 ply cotton in many pretty colours just sitting there in my basket LOL

  3. Yarn is so addictive! I get all goo-goo over the sights of the many colors of the yarn in baskets and bins in a yarn shop. I don’t think of what I’m going to knit, just the beauty of the colors and the feel of the yarn. So I buy it and put it in my own baskets and always end up making a scarf! BTW, I got a round knitting loom for Christmas and now I can make hats!

    Your stash is gorgeous!

    Liz (aka Ninny)

  4. Oh THANK YOU!!!! I have only been knitting and learning to crochet for a few weeks really – I think I started in February this year – and I already have a huge stash similar to yours – with baskets and bags all over the house! My poor husband has this weird phobia about yarn/ wool and doesn’t like to touch it (lol) and he also jokes about me turning into an old lady before my time – every time I go into a store that sells yarn it is like being in a candy store! I HAVE to buy more!!! It’s all so pretty!! 🙂 I seem to be collecting crochet hooks and knitting needles now too lol! When Lloyd is in a store with me he will yell things like ‘step AWAY from the wool’ 😉 like I have a real problem 😉

    Oh my I do sound addicted 😉

    I blame Lucy and all those yummy pictures on her blog!!! I want my home to be all colourful and cozy like hers!!!

    Your projects look fab!

  5. Libby, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that blanket you ahve crocheted. Is that just a treble stitch on a big crochet hook? Forgive my ignorance but as you know I have just started crochet.

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