Family fun day


It’s been awhile since we had a family fun day and with the kids behaviour being as bad as it’s been we thought it might help if we spent more time together. Since the weather has been so warm we decided to go the Jamberoo Action Park using the tickets Christy got for her birthday (last Sept). It was a great day for it – nice and warm, the water the perfect temperature and the crowds pretty low.


The girls and Kevin had some fun with blue zinc.




I didn’t take a lot of photos today but I did catch Christy and Kevin trying to have a snooze…


while I read and relaxed…


4 thoughts on “Family fun day

  1. Oh Libby! I always find some quality time seems to re-address any issues and fixes the equilibrium in our family.
    Once again, I appreciate your honesty in your posts regarding the difficulties you have from time to time. It makes the rest of us feel so ……… normal !!!

  2. Libby, what a great time for Jamberoo. I must remember that for next season.
    I hope your girls behaviour has improved. behaviour does seem to ebb and flow. Sometimes its just tiredness so maybe the upcoming school holidays will help.
    Hvae a great week- fingers crossed.

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