And the result is…

Today I went to see a natruopath. I’ve never done anything like it before but am desperate to find some relief for the swollen hands & feet I’ve been dealing for over 5 years. Each Summer they get worse and worse and I’ve just had enough. Specialists have ruled out carpel tunnel and arthritis and my doc told me I’d just have to live with it!!


The naturopath was a little bit woo woo for my liking but everything he touched on was along the lines I was thinking from my own reading. Basically he said I need to eliminate wheat and dairy from my diet. Plus take the supplements he has given me. I will definitely give this a good go – but I told him I’m not starting the diet until AFTER Easter :-).

I don’t think wheat will be too much of a problem as I can still have spelt and rye, and dairy as far as milk goes will be okay…but cheese….I LOVE cheese…..hope soy cheese tastes okay and works in our recipes :-). Ethically and health wise I think giving up dairy will be a good thing and it’s something I have been considering for a time. Let’s just hope this gets some results.

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