Burrill Lakes – Day 1

After madly packing this morning and loading up the boat and car we set off around 11am for Burrill Lakes. This will be our third Easter here with the Powells (whose parents have an onsite van here).


We stopped to buy some bread and lunch from Bakers Delight which we later enjoyed picnic style at a roadside stop.


We arrived at Burrill Lakes at 1.30pm and were able to get straight into our cabin. Normally we stay in Nan & Pop’s van they they bring down for us to use – but with them BOTH having just had surgery we thought it best to rent a cabin this time around.

It is VERY nice and the view just gorgeous.





I bought the flowers that I was given yesterday and they look beautiful on the table.


After unloading the car and unpacking our food and clothes Kevin got out the computer to check he could get online. He then discovered he needed to make a trip to a local Telstra shop so off he went to Bateman’s Bay!

The girls went off to explore, I read for a bit, then wondered down to see the pelicans.


Later I took the girls to the pool to have a swim. The water was cold but they had fun.


I had to laugh when I found Amy & Kevin playing games on the laptop. Gee, do you think they are addicted?


I sat outside (where it was  bit cooler), knitting while waiting for the Powells to arrive – which they did about 5.45pm.


We went to their van to help them unpack then came back to our cabin to cook dinner and enjoy the sunset.


The kids loved being together again and us adults enjoyed sitting outside chatting.


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