Burrill Lake – Day 3

Not such a great day weather wise. When I woke up this morning there were blue skies but not long afterwards it started to rain and proceeded to rain on and off the remainder of the day.


Kevin & Noel went for a drive into town to pick up coffee and other supplies. Leanne & I drank tea and supervised the kids. They did craft, played on the computers, watched a movie.


It was a bit cold outside so we spent the afternoon indoors. Mind you it wasn’t too cold for an ice-cream!


Later in the day it cleared up enough for the kids to go fishing – well, casting out into the lake – there really wasn’t much chance of them catching a fish (which is why I was okay with them “fishing”.

IMG_5730 IMG_5732

It was a lovely way to end a day where we’d been cooped up inside for most of it.





One thought on “Burrill Lake – Day 3

  1. It still looked like fun, especially that ice cream cone! Delicious! Are you in autumn now? Are your temperatures cooling off? In the US, we are just beginning springtime, where the mornings and evenings are cool and the days warm up a bit. Our springtime storms are violent, not the gentle rains of autumn. After seeing pictures and reading about your lake fun, I am really anxious for summertime now!

    Liz from Oklahoma

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