Burrill Lake – Day 4

VERY mixed weather today but were able to get out and about during the sunny periods. The girls were awake rather early to see what the Bunny had bought. Both scored a Winter nightie and a chocolate bunny. Amy’s nightie said “Be happy, eat chocolate” which we thought was rather appropriate for Easter.


From us they recieved another choc bunny, some bunny ears, a bunny pen and a little fluffy bunny/chick which said something cute.

IMG_5758 IMG_5761

Even Kevin had to model the ears.


Here’s how my family spent the morning…


Eventually the Powells arrived at our cabin and we had some hot cross buns for breakfast (oops, forgot to get a photo). There was also a visit from the Easter bunny who gave out eggs to the kids. Sarah and Amy weren’t bothered though – they were too busy “fishing” again.


We decided to go for a walk and have a picnic lunch since the weather had cleared up.I made myself a salad wrap, the rest had chip sandwiches.


Then it was time for a game of cricket.


The guys were quite relieved when two of Christy’s “boy” friends from a park joined in.


The game ended rather abruptly when it started to rain. We were thankful Kevin had bought the car over for our stuff and for some of us to get home. But Leanne and Noel had to walk with their girls on their bikes.

Within an hour or so of being back, so was the sun and the kids decided to play with the tube in the lake.


Unfortunately Christy misbehaved so I spent quite a bit of time dealing with her. Amy & Sarah also madly went for a swim in the pool, and then the rain was back, but not before we got to enjoy another sunset.


Kevin was pleased to play doctor tonight when Leanne got a splinter…


He would have made a great boy scout :-).

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