Burrill Lake – Day 5

Wow, what a different day to yesterday. Blue skies all day! It was even warm enough to sit outside while checking blogs this morning – mind you this was probably about 9am.


After another slow start to the day we decided to take full advantage of the weather and take the boat out again. We headed back to the ski club and today there was a lady to collect the money – we had no trouble with paying as it was such a great location for our time on the water.


We arrived here about 11.30am and didn’t leave until around 3pm. We hadn’t packed lunch but had enough nibblies to keep everyone happy.



I went out of the boat today to be spotter while Noel and Kevin had a go in the ring. So fun watching these two give each other a hard time on the float! We’re going to be selling the boat as it doesn’t get much use but it’s a bit sad when I see how happy Kevin is when he’s out on the water.


We had a very late lunch at 3.30pm and packed up the cabin ready to head home. We didn’t leave straight away though and enjoyed our last sunset before heading home.


Unfortunately we’d had problems with both the girls today and so headed off with both girls crying! Once they calmed down we were able to have a bit of a chat and discuss plans for the next two weeks – and the “Sisterly Love” school holiday camp that I’m going to be running :-). Wish me luck!

Aside from some rather bad (and embarassing) behaviour from my girls we did have a nice time away and enjoyed spending time with the Powells.


3 thoughts on “Burrill Lake – Day 5

  1. Your comments about the girls sure brought back memories of the way my sister and I fought when we were that age. Mother wouldn’t go to town without one of us because if she left us both behind, we’d have killed each other. We fussed constantly. Now, we’re best friends and very close. It will all work out with maturity. Looks like your trip to the lake was just so much fun! very relaxing with lots of activities to keep everyone happy.


  2. I agree with Ninny. there were times my brother and I nearly killed each other.

    I remember chasing him with a knife once when Mum and Dad weren’t home. And believe me if I had of caught him that day I would have knifed him. I was so mad. I can even remember today what the fight was about.

    Now I adore him of course and he is one of the people I love most in the world. Your girls will eventually mature and I hope you can hold onto that thought.

  3. I enjoyed looking through the pictures of your vacation. How nice to be in a beautiful natural place by the water. Your pictures made it almost like being there myself.
    Love the laptops 😉 AND that headlamp that he used to take out the splinter. I want one 🙂

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