Camp Sisterly Love

Camp Sisterly Love is now up and running. The relationhip between Amy & Christy has deteriorated to the extent that intervention is needed. We’ve got two weeks school holidays ahead so I am hoping desperately to repair things before they return to school.

Day 1

Yesterday we made friendship boxes (as seen on Alisa’s blog). We took plain white boxes…


and the girls decorated them…


They turned out great but I’m not sure what it says that’s Amy’s box is all about her, whereas Christy’s was about Sisters – which is more what I had in mind.


Their next task was to write a list of things they liked about each other and later  they purchased a gift for each other at the shop. They’ve been asked to add things like letters, cards, small presents to each others boxes – at least once a week.

Day 2

Today I challenged the girls to do a good deed for each other. Christy bought Amy a chocolate and included a note to say she’d make her a cup of tea to have it. Amy spent the day at a friends so word on her good deed yet!

Before Amy left we played a board game TOGETHER! I won, which was probably a good thing :-).


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