Camp Sisterly Love Day 3

Todays activity was a nature scavenger hunt. We went for a walk down by the lake to see what we could find. I was quite amazed what we saw – most of which I missed on this mornings walk.


There was the usual ducks and other birds…


but we noticed lots of different flowering plants….


and quite a few mushrooms…



After being bitten by mozzies and trudging through the grass we had a quick break before heading home.


The girls seemed to enjoy the activity and working together to find things, though we did have a few “moments”.


2 thoughts on “Camp Sisterly Love Day 3

  1. Since boredom usually begets bickering, keeping the girls busy and involved in activities sounds like a good idea! As a teacher, I spent hours upon hours in professional development and often we engaged in team building activities whereupon we learned to depend on each other rather than compete with each other. Your girls look to be close in age. My two children were almost 8 years apart and the only trouble I had was when one went through the terrible twos at the same time the other went through puberty! Ugh!


  2. I think you are on a winner with the sisterly love camp…keep them busy and hopefully That forget to fight.
    I grew up with 2 sisters and there was always arguments if we weren’t busy. I think jealousy plays a big part (even though we all got the same things) :0)
    Your kitchen is on Rhonda’s blog and I have alwayd loved the colour and set out of you kitchen… will get heaps of comments

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