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Okay, I’m sure there are lots of problems with me but today I wanted to talk about the fact that even though I’m at home a lot I still don’t have time to do all the things I want to do. I have all these ideas but when I have the time I forget what I wanted to do. I blame this on one thing – TOO MANY HOBBIES AND INTERESTS!!!!

Today I planned to do some scrapbooking (for which I been suffering big time scrappers block) after cleaning the house this morning. I stopped at 1pm and had lunch which watching Cleanaholics – which of course led to a few random cleaning jobs after lunch, ‘ washing, some time on the computer, making brownies (Amy invited a friend for a sleepover at the last minute). It’s now 4.45pm and I don’t feel I have gotten anything done this afternoon. Certainly no scrapbooking – in part because the girls took over the scrapbook room. But I could have done something else. This isn’t just an isolated incident – it’s been happening a lot over the last few weeks. I tend to jump from one thing to another. Things I think about….

* catching up on my fav. blogs

* organising my flickr photos

* getting up to date, or finishing, the 4 online scrapbook classes I’m taking

* actually doing some layouts

* working on plans for our upcoming trip

* tidying or sorting out somewhere in the house

* sewing projects (haven’t sewed in months)

* crochet and knitting projects

* new, healthy recipes to try

* time to read books and magazines

* how to deal with two children who don’t like each other very much at the moment

* how to be a better wife, Mum and friend (definitely failing at the friend thing of late)

* and the list goes on.

On top of this I’m about to learn how to use a Digital SLR and possibly do a course at TAFE on backyard gardening!!!!

I know spending less time online would free up more time. I’ve been doing this but it hasn’t really helped. I could never go cold turkey as I get so much inspiration and encouragement from the blog world.

So I ask you, my blog readers, how do you manage making time for all the things you want to do? Do you make lists, draft a timetable, drop some hobbies? Any ideas and suggestions are most welcome as I’m getting rather frustrated with myself.

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  1. No advice but I totally understand. I have all those things on my list and I work full time so I feel like I never get to give my full attention to anything and there are just so many things to do and try. People tell me that I would be bored if I didn’t work. I DON’T THINK SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have the same problem Libby. At the moment I have told myself I have to complete all outstanding craft projects before I start anything new. With Rhianna we either do our craft together or I spend say half an hour doing something with her and then I get half an hour to myself. The housework I try to fit in around other stuff as I fing doing huge chunks of it boring and I have limited my friendships to about 5-6 really good friends as I found I just could not keep up with everybody. But this is a really good question and I am going to think about it some more.

  3. I’m no help but can I just say “DITTO” to your whole blog lol!!!

    I could have written this post myself, your life is mine to a tee, minus the possible studying but you know what I mean!

    Let me know when you find a solution that works!!!

  4. Libby, it is a problem across the globe. I teach in a preschool three days a week, so the two weekdays I am at home I want to do “Me” stuff. I only allow myself computer time while I drink my morning coffee and when I settle in for the evening after my bath. Otherwise I would be wasting time surfing the internet, playing games, or blog-hopping (which I love to do.) My computer time was a big problem before I sat myself down and realized how much time I was on line. I still have trouble managing my time (I think I am ADD) but at least I have gardened some and started a crochet project – a granny afghan. Wish me luck in completing that one by fall! And I wish you luck on all the wonderful things your creative mind wants to do.


  5. I don’t think it is a problem at all and I don’t think you give yourself enough credit for what you actually do!

    I am the same as you in sooooo many ways. So many interests, hobbies, to do lists, goals all while running a home and trying to create a positive family environment.

    If you look back through your blog and take a step backwards you will see that you already balance things really well. I think we don’t have to do all things at once. To me, life is like spinning plates on sticks. You get one or two spinning really well and then you suddenly notice that plate three and four are getting a bit wobbly so you go and work on them for a while.

    My (humble) advice to you is this…… recognise and be thankful that you are able to achieve so much. Give yourself permission to allow things to go in seasons, like moon phases, that come and go. Let go of the guilt that pops into your mind when you realise that you haven’t done XY or Z for many weeks. Just know that you will pick it up again when the next moon phase arrives.

    Just allow yourself to be in a natural flow. I think you may enjoy your season of digital photography or planning your trip if you let yourself relinquish the guilt of keeping up with all the other things and realise just how wonderful it all actually is !!!

    But, that is only my humble opinion !

    Best wishes to you.


  6. Hi there, I can very much relate to your problem. I too have so many interests, very similar to yours – sewing, cooking, reading, gardening, scrapbooking, the net, fitness – as well as work and family stuff. I have long felt I live a “bitty” kind of life. By that I mean, I do a bit of a lot and don’t get very good at even a bit!
    How do I manage this?
    First, I try to accept that having diverse interests is who I am. I am not destined to be a world expert on one thing. Instead, I relish the chance to dip my toes into many things.
    Second, I think of ONE thing I would really like to do in a day every day. ONE only, and try to do it. After that, everything else is a bonus.
    Third, whatever I am doing, I concentrate on that alone as much as I can and try to cut out the self-talk about other things I could/should/would-be-doing-only-if.

    Hope that helps!

  7. Libby, I can identify with what you are saying, once again. Maybe you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with too many things on your plate or, as Michelle put it so well, too many spinning plates!

    I find that if I make lists of things to do, not just for today, but for the week, or even just eventually, it helps me to concentrate on the immediate thing I am doing and I get satisfaction from crossing things off. Another thing I do is make an “appointment” with myself to do craft (I make cards) and make sure at that time I stop whatever else I am doing and head to the craft room. I don’t have young children like you though, so probably not as easy a thing for you to do with the girls.

    I think Michelle put it really well actually, and I love Kez’s idea!

  8. Michelle’s advice is great!

    I can really relate to this, though I try to just let it go. One day I’ll have more time on my hands, it’s okay. 🙂

  9. I think you are way too hard on yourself my dear! If I could get half of what you accomplish in one day, I would be THRILLED! My problem is that I spend way too much time on my computer! When I am able to tear myself away from it, I get much more done 😉

    You are an amazing woman and you inspire me every day!

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