A Day in my Life – April 2010

Goodness me this year is just racing by – surely it can’t be April already!

Now that’s we’ve switched back from daylight savings and it’s finally getting cold overnight, I’m having a lot more trouble getting out of bed in the mornings. I didn’t wake up until 6.30am and lay in bed chatting with Kevin and patting the dogs before finally getting up 15mins later. I hopped on the scales and was happy to see most of my Easter gain was gone :-). I SHOULD have done a workout this morning but I niggled my ankle yesterday and am going out with Amy today so didn’t want to stress it any more.

Instead I let the dogs out in my new slippers…


and made a cup of tea which I enjoyed with a banana goji berry muffin which I enjoyed as I replied to some comments on recent posts and checked out my favourite blogs.


Around 8am I went back upstairs to shower and get dressed for the day. I also straightened the bedrooms. Then I got the dishwasher unpacked and organised tea for the car. Christy had a girls day out with Nanny, so Amy and I had own girls days out.

Tea in hand we headed off…


passing Nan, Pop and Christy who were taking the dogs for a walk…


We drove up to Miranda were we did some serious shopping. Amy was so excited about this new “skull top” that she had to go and change right away.


We made a new discovery for lunch – Salsa’s mexican. I had the Vego Taco and Amy had the kids burrito. Talk about yummy! I’ll definitely be eating here next time….and maybe the time after that :-).



We then went to the movies to see The Last Stand. Amy had already seen it with a friend last week but was happy to see it again. Such a good movie. I really enjoyed it, except for the noisy teenage girls behind us.

Next stop was the tea shop.


where we sampled some brews..


Amy bought some Chai loose leaf tea. I didn’t care for any that I sampled.

We visited a few more shops before visiting Sniggles (a great stationary shop). I bought some things for the girls for the trip.


Around 3.30pm we stopped at the Lindt Cafe for afternoon tea. I chose the strawberries and dipping chocolate again and Amy opted for a brownie sundae but we shared both of them.



Next stop was target where we got Amy (and Christy) some more clothes – Amy was needing some more items for Winter.

IMG_5928 We then had a quick stop at Gloria Jeans where Amy got a hot chocolate and I got an iced chocolate – to be enjoyed on the drive home.

Hmm….do you think we bought enough today?


All I got was a couple of magazines, a nail polish and some earring. Kevin scored some underpants. The rest was for the girls!

It was nearly 5pm when we left which meant we got to enjoy the sunset on the drive home.


We arrived home just at 5.45pm to find Kevin & Christy hard at work…


I quickly made some dinner for us and the dogs. We just had a roast veggie pasta with jarred tomato sauce.


Then a spot of washing up before settling down on the couch to type up this post then watch some TV. In an hour or so I’ll head to bed to read the last few pages of the novel I couldn’t quite manage to finish last night.


5 thoughts on “A Day in my Life – April 2010

  1. It’s interesting how we live on different continents, yet our lives and our loves are so much alike. Since I don’t have teenagers at home any more, I steer clear of the shopping malls, but Target is very close and I am in that store at least once a week! Love their clothes, affordable wear for teachers. Spring and summer clothes are filling our racks, while sweaters (jumpers?) are filling yours.
    Thanks for sharing your day with us all over the world. I’ll have to try that on my blog sometime!


  2. Hi Libby, I haven’t been to Miranda for yonks, I’ll have to make a beeline to check out that Lindt cafe.
    Sniggle is an absolute favourite with my 10 year old daughter too – we spent half an hour at the one at Macarthur Square last Thursday.

  3. Hi Libby,

    I love a day out with my girl also. I love target for clothes – especially their jeans which are always a good fit on me. sounds like a busy day and it was nice to have some one on one time with Amy.

  4. Hi Libby, I enjoyed your day out with photos, I have a daugher that lives near Miranda and we go there everytime I visit her. I will have to check out that Lindt Cafe and the Tea shop (I love chai lattes) next time I’m down.

    I loved your kitchen on Rhonda’s blog, very nice!

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