Let the food blog begin

I have decided to take the plunge in the wonderful world of health food blogging. I get so much out of the blogs that I read that I thought creating my own might help keep me a bit more accountable about what I eat, and maybe even, provide some ideas for my readers – esp, those in Australia, as I am yet to find many Aussie health food blogs (if anyone knows of any PLEASE let me know).

And so…on to our first day. Now is there are a better way than to start the day than with a green smoothie blended in my BRAND NEW Vitamix.


The morning was spent doing jobs around the house and decluttering stuff in my scrapbook room. Mid-morning I had a cup of tea and a handful of …..healthy handfuls. Yes, I know these are made for kids – but I just LOVE them.


It was such a beautiful Autumn day and both girls were out playing with friends so I decided to take my lunch outside.


Most warmer days I have a salad  made up of greens, cucumber, tomato, pineapple- todays was topped with marinated tofu & a squirt of mayonnaise. Delicious. Both the weather and the food.



My lunch partner…


Around an hour after lunch I like to have a cup of tea and usually something sweet. I debated having two biscuits…


But was really feeling like more crunching so swapped for some cruskits with spreadable cheese…


But I have confess… I did go back for those biscuits later. I also drank many more cups of tea throughout day – rather neglecting my water today :-(.

Around 4pm I was peckish again so had some crackers topped with Camembert cheese – yummo!


Tonights dinner was made up of leftovers – with the addition of some vegetables – as it was just 3 of tonight (Amy was at a sleepover).


Dessert was custard – something I haven’t had in months – as I know it’s not the healthiest. I really felt like some raisin toast but we didn’t have any – guess what I’ll be buying tomorrow :-).


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  1. i’ve just read your entire food blog, libby! i love it!! your meals are so cute. i like that you eat a LOT … many small meals throughout the day! i graze like this when i’m not in school .. .but on a school schedule i eat a decent sized breakfast, a HUGE lunch, and a small dinner (and sometimes two small dinners). works well for me. cheers!

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