Crunch Time

Okay, with less than 9 weeks till our big trip you’d think I’d be eating healthy and improving my fitness. But alas that has NOT been the case. And I’m currently sitting at the height weight I’ve been in a long time and having to wear my elastic waisted pants. It ain’t pretty that’s for sure.

So it’s time to get things moving in the right direction again. But how to do that is the question? I know deep down the only way to ever get full control of my eating is to accept there is no quick fix and that I need to learn to eat like a NORMAL healthy person does.


My plan of attack is to do in fact, that. Follow in the footsteps of the healthy food bloggers that I read on a daily basis, practice Intuitive Eating, not to beat myself up if I CHOOSE to indulge and get back to daily exercise (which has been hit and miss the last couple of month).

To further keep me focused on making good choices I’ve decided to start a daily food blog. I’ll let you know when it’s up and running.

4 thoughts on “Crunch Time

  1. Have another read through the Oh She Glows blog too – read some of the older pages – it’s very inspiring and what I love about her recipes and thoughts are that she LOVES food – she likes a BIG bowl full of food and she belies in eating HUGE at breakfast time…she doesn’t believe in starving yourself and she believes in making everything yummy and delicious – lots of chocolatey things and making it all similar to the things most people like – fries and baking and wraps and textures……

    I like feeling full – I like having food in my mouth – I like FOOD!! I like comfort food and turning to food when I’m stressed and bored – and I think thats why I like her ideas because she has something there – in her blog – for that!! It’s all delicious too – if you can get your head past the idea of it then you find out it’s really yummy!

    She’s very motivating and inspiring too – exercise and changing bad patterns and cutting bad foods and swapping bad foods for good foods – trying new things, getting used to foods etc etc…..

    I’d also suggest adding more to your green monsters and really filling yourself up on them – even maybe having an extra one later in the day – make a big jug full and having another glass mid afternoon – throw in all kinds of fruits and vegetables and proteins (I use flax, sunflower seeds, oats, whey protein etc etc) that will help keep you going longer too. I know this has definitely been helping me! None of my Summer clothes from last year fit now 🙁 I am really hoping the diet/ health and fitness changes I have made will help. I don’t want to end up back to where I was before 🙁

    The difference this tie though is that I am enjoying the green monsters and other food changes – and so it feels more like a lifestyle change than a ‘diet’….we’ll see how it goes 😉

    Good luck to you too Libby!!

  2. Best of luck with your efforts, Libby. I know where you are coming from. Yesterday I put on my favourite pair of pants and they were a bit too tight, so I am back on the straight and narrow, I hope, following the Weight Watchers plan and trying to exercise every day. Sigh. The vigilance never ends!

  3. hey libby, a food journal is good until you get into a routine – makes you realise what you are eating. i find if i wear my “just a little too tight” clothes its a constant reminder that i have put on too much weight and it helps to put the brakes on my ridiculous “urges to eat” moments. good luck girl ! – its a daily battle in my life also xx

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