Teatime Rocks

Firstly – just a quick THANK YOU to all your wonderful comments on my blanket. I’m very pleased with it but it meant a lot to hear you all loved it too :-).


Todays post is about one of my very favourite things – TEA!!! However much as I love it I’m a pretty boring tea drinker – black, English Breakfast, and an occasional chai tea.


However I recently discovered this Scottish Breakfast (which is rather nice) and the Christmas Tea (which is rather different for me). The container with the orange scoop contains Chai Tea and my everyday tea is in the glass container (which is stored in a dark cupboard).

I like to buy Fairtrade where possible but on our cruise last year I discovered Daintree Tea – which obviously is from Australia.


I quickly finished off my holiday supplies and ordered more online – both looseleaf and bags (for travel). I recently spotted this tea in Woolworths but I bought a year or twos supply so I’m good for a while :-).

Now in addition to the tea we also have the things needed to make tea.


I use the little teatime rocks pot all the time – perfect for one cup of tea. The larger pots are used when more than one cup is being made. The ball-thing is used for chai tea (though we do make it in a pot as well). For many years I had tea bags – and occasionally still will but tea tastes a whole lot better when made in a pot – maybe it’s the ritual, maybe it’s the brewing time – I don’t know but I just LOVE making MANY pots of tea throughout the day.

Morning cup of tea

Have you enjoyed a cup of tea today? What’s your favourite?

5 thoughts on “Teatime Rocks

  1. My favourite cup of tea is a ‘London Fog’ which is an Earl Grey Tea Latte with a shot of vanilla – it is FABULOUS!!! My favourite comes from the coffee shop ‘Second Cup’….but Starbucks are ok if you are quick to remove the teabag 😉 Lloyd makes them at home for me. I don’t like mine strong. Very subtle – so I don’t leave the teabag in for long (yes they use bags).

    I grew up with loose leaf though.

  2. Coming from an Italian family, coffee was the order of the day, made in a Bialetti pot on the stove. My nonna, though, loved her tea with a slice of lemon.
    We drink tea on weekend afternoons, to drink while reading the Saturday papers. Not fussy in this regard

  3. Before I learned to acquire a taste for coffee, I loved Irish Breakfast blend. Earl grey was a bit strong for my liking. Now, I’m into the different coffees and love a good strong Kenyan coffee!


  4. I tend to drink tea when I’m feeling poorly or have a headache. I am so boring. I only like black tea with plenty of sugar. You certainly have all the right equipment to make some delicious tea.

  5. I’m a tea nerd and have maybe 20 kinds! Today I enjoyed a pot of new season green tea we got in Shanghai last year. It’s not as nice as it was – onviously not so “new” season as it was last year.

    I love chai (with soy milk), and have all my other teas without milk. Russian Caravan is one of my favourites. I also have oolong, English Breakfast (Nicky’s drink of choice), Earl Grey (what my hubby drinks), and a vast range of herbal, fruit, green, white and black teas. Too many.. they don’t keep fresh forever.

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