More organising in the scrapbook room

I’ve been working on going through everything in the scrapbook room the last couple of weeks and getting rid of old products that I’m just not going to use. I’ve tried to be fairly ruthless and have a box full of stuff to donate. Doing this has made me realize a lot of my stuff doesn’t get used because I can’t see it so I’ve re-organised my room yet again and decided to make a new purchase – which arrived today.

And it is everything I’d hoped. Here’s my main work area before…


and after with my new love….


These new drawers are way better than what I had before. And I was able to empty what was left (after the declutter) of two my drawers into these new drawers. I think the fact that I can see everything so easily will really help me get things onto layouts – which is why we buy them afterall. I found quite a few items I had totally forgotten about :-).



I moved all the boxes of stamps over to the ladder…


and organised all my prettys :-).



I need to finish sorting through photos then the room will be 100% done – just in time for my new goodies (ordered from the USA) to arrive so I can start playing once more.



  1. Ninny says:

    That looks like a really nice scrapbooking room! I hate clutter and love organization and you have made your room so workable. Love what you did with your ribbons and buttons!


  2. vanessa says:

    Hi Libby,
    Where did you get the drawers from? I also like the cream wrought iron cupcake looking holders you have. You can’t tease us with all these wonderful things and then not tell us where you got them from LOL

  3. Libby Withnall says:

    The containers were from an online store called Craftainers (I’ve purchased quite a few things from them over the last few years). Be warned though – they have LOTS of yummy organising stuff! The wrought iron holders were from Freedom a year or so ago.

  4. Bear says:

    wow your scrapbooking area looks amazingly organised – love it – you must seriously love scrapbooking, I haven’t had a real good go at it myself, although I did go to an evening at a friends house a while ago which I enjoyed.

  5. Debbie W says:

    Your blog is inspirational to me, especially since I am in the throes of redecorating and organizing my craft area.

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