Sugar withdrawals?

I woke up with a headache this morning – I’m thinking it might be due to sugar withdrawals. Even though I’ve been having a little each day it’s no where near as much as I was.  I decided to skip this mornings workouts and have today as my rest day instead of Sunday. Hoping to stop the headache from getting worse I had a cup of tea and piece of banana coconut loaf.


Probably not the greatest start to the day but I made up for it by having a green smoothie (and my multi-vitamin) for breakfast a few hours later.


I was supposed to do reading at school but Christy’s teacher was away so I ended up killing time at the shops before my manicure & pedicure. I was still feeling a little off so had a banana before my appointment at 10am. I don’t normally reach for fruit like this but I really enjoyed it and it actually kept me full for around 2 hours.


I was just starting to get peckish after my appointment ended at 12pm but instead of getting lunch out as I planned I decided to wait until I got home. To tide myself over I had a choc nut bar while waiting to get into the carpark in town.


By the time I got home at 1.30pm I was very ready for my salad – falafel & hummus again today – YUM!!!


Still feeling off most of the afternoon so had a tea and handful of healthy handfuls at 3pm.


Todays afternoon tea was 2 vegetarian rice paper rolls that I had picked up in town. I LOVE these but don’t get to have them very often.


At 5.30pm I had another cup of tea and an hour or so later made some quesidillas for dinner. I forgot to buy salsa for the recipe I had planned to make so had to improvise with refried black beans, tomato and cheese. Boy was it yummy.



Later I enjoyed 2 chocolates and cup of tea. Unbelievably I was more than satisfied with my two chocs – usually I would have had MANY more than that!


Around 9pm I was still feeling a little off so had a handful of the veggie tortilla chips and some hummus.


Unfortunately nothing seemed to kick the headache today but I feeling not so off when I went to bed.

4 thoughts on “Sugar withdrawals?

  1. Hi Libby,
    Congratulations on the new blog. Looks good and the photos are great. I am stunned by how much food you can have after your surgery. I’ll tell you what I can manage on most days.

    I can’t eat any solid food till about 11am. So I usually have a coffee or two till then. Around 11am I’m hungry of course so I might have a yoghurt or some muesli but it will take me the best part of an hour to eat it.

    Lunch might be rice crackers and some tuna – about 10 small round crackers and half a small tin of tuna.

    In the afternoon the band is loosening up and I have a glass of milk with milo and maybe a biscuit.

    Dinner is whatever the family is having but only about half a cup and then it takes me about an hour to eat it.

    You might wonder why I am not 50 kilos at this rate…..well unfortunately I can still get ice cream and chocolate down pretty easily and I do. Have found that even with the lap band I can still cheat. I would like to lose 10 kilos before the end of the year – that would take me down to 68 which is at the high end of my weight for height range. I am 164cms tall. I have lost the plot lately where food is concerned and hate myself for it so I will be watching your new blog with interest. Sorry about the long message.

  2. Love the new blog!!!!
    I am trying to watch what I eat too and still eat normal food just a smaller amount, I will see if this works :0)
    I have got to start exercising ….that is my

  3. Libby, your new blog is outstanding and the photos are excellent! Writing a food blog is a great way to keep yourself responsible for what you eat. As for the sugar, it is so very addictive, isn’t it? I love sweet things and since my triglycerides are high, I must cut down. I find myself going to the pantry looking for something to satisfy my sweet tooth, but of course on my new heart healthy eating plan there isn’t anything on the shelves. Once you cut out (or down) the sugar, your body goes through withdrawal and the craving just rages! But after a while, it leaves you alone and the occasional sweet delight is all you need.

    Love the new blog! The design is so professional!


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