Sleepy Sunday

Well, maybe not sleepy but I did spend the WHOLE DAY in my PJs :-).

Woke up around 7am (so a bit of a sleep in for me) and straight to the kitchen for a cup of tea and slice of banana coconut loaf. I also sampled the oat slice from yesterday – it was quite nice but a little sweet.


I had trouble deciding what I wanted for breakfast this morning but eventually decided on an omelette around 9am. I made it using 2 eggs, diced tomato, diced red onion, a handful of spinach and a handful of grated cheese. Twas rather yummy – but too much – I ate about 2/3.


I spent the morning playing on the computer, making ANZAC biscuits (for ANZAC Day) and sorting some photos. At 11am I made a green smoothie. Love those frothy bubbles.


Around 1am I made a salad for Kevin and myself. He had egg, I had falafel and hummus. Today I added some of my home grown sprouts. I wonder if I’ll ever get sick of this combination?


This afternoon I got to work on finalizing more plans for our UK trip in June. Normally sitting working online I’d be eating lots and lots but I really surprised myself today. I didn’t even enjoy my first ANZAC biscuit until 2.30pm.


My afternoon snack was some protein chips.



Around 5pm I was feeling like a little something with a cup of tea. Kevin had one of these tarts he’d bought.


But I was feeling like a crunch so had a couple of cruskits with spreadable cheese :-).


Dinner was courtesy of Kevin, who braved the cool night and cooked us a BBQ. I had a lentil pattie (with a piece taken out for Christy), sweet potato slices, a little potato, pineapple and onion. It was absolutely delicious.


With tonights cup of tea I’ll either have another ANZAC biscuit or one of the chocolates hiding in the back of the fridge.