Lazy Monday

Last nights as I was reading Happy Foody and saw a new pancake recipe. Sounded like the perfect thing for tomorrows breakfast so I went and got it started.

Had a bit of a restless night and woke up with sore back. Put off doing some exercise thinking we might do something later in the day – being that it’s  public holiday for ANZAC Day and we’re all home. Had a cup of tea while reading blogs.

Around 8am I finished off the pancakes and made up a normal batch for the others or in case mine for were a flop (like the last batch of “healthy” pancakes I tried). These, however, were just beautiful. I had mine topped with some banana and maple syrup. Kevin tried one after the “normal” one and said it was pretty good too. Will definitely make these again – though I did have to add some milk to get the right consistency. They looked so good I dove in before taking a photo :-).


Pottered around this morning while the kids and Kevin were playing games on the computer. I also helped Amy pack for the school camp she goes on tomorrow. Around 11am I had some cruskits and cheese (with a cup of tea :-)) and after an ANZAC cookie.


I then worked on my crochet for a bit – I’m trying to make fingerless gloves!! No-one could decide what they wanted for lunch today so we all ended up with something different. Kevin had a chip (crisp) sandwich!!!, Christy a cheese roll, Amy a cheese sandwich and I had a salad (surprise, surprise) with a leftover lentil burger from last night. Also added some leftover onions – yummo!


Spent the afternoon working my gloves – have finally got it worked out, and plans for our UK trip – now finalizing our plans for Scotland. Snack was some cheese, dip and crackers – shared with Kevin.


Dinner tonight was a new recipe – Mexican Rice. Turned out pretty good but I’m not sure I’d make it again as it’s quite similar to other meals we have.


And finally desert – a small bowl of ice-cream.


Back to normal with work and school tomorrow – and housework/groceries for me!