Off to class

This morning I struggled to get up and get going with my planned exercise – but I did it and felt better for it. Afterwards I enjoyed a green smoothie.


Today there was a bit extra…


which the dogs were very pleased to have..


Later I enjoyed a cup of tea and the last banana muffin.


Then it was time to pack for class.


I was so excited about this vegetarian cooking class and it did not disappoint. I came away full of knowledge and a new found confidence. Great stuff.

We made, and sampled, a number of dishes.

My favourite was the hummus and salad.


My portion on a small plate. I made sure to only try a little of each to make sure I didn’t get too full.


We also made a thai curry…


and pad thai…


and dahl. A little bit of each for me.


Finally we had Vegan banana bread. Goodness this was fantastic. The top had gotten burnt and was cut off.


Totally loved the class and can’t wait to go to more. When I left it was time to go pick up Amy from the train station as she was coming home from camp. Then a quick shop in Aldi. I was hungry when I walked in the door, so had a bowl of Mushroom & Potato soup while chatting to Amy. Christy arrived home from school shortly after and joined us at the table.


I was thrilled to find some bananas in the freezer so was able to make some banana cake from todays class :-).

Around 5pm I had a banana and cup of tea. I also used to have a “treat” with my tea but I’m trying to teach myself that fruit and tea is okay as well :-).


Tonights dinner was courtesy of the freezer – samaosas & brown rice, with some Turkish bread and leftover pad thai (from class).


Supper tonight was, of course, banana cake. Everyone enjoyed it so it’s a real winner of a recipe. I also enjoyed the very last ANZAC cookie.


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