Soup at last

Another lovely walk this morning. I was hungry when I got back so had a cup of tea and a banana muffin.


An hour later I prepared Christy’s breakfast – just toast today. I really couldn’t decide what I felt like but finally settled on corn thins with hummus and a little grated cheese.


I then dropped Christy at school and filled a couple of uniform orders. Then I washed my car at the car wash and got stuck behind two half-mobile homes being delivered to the nearby mobile home village.


I had a cup of tea and headed back out again – this time taking the dogs to get washed. Now I have two lovely soft, yummy smelling pups.

Lunch today was my normal salad – topped with boiled egg and some mayonnaise. Then I spotted some Mexican beans in the fridge and decided to add some of those as well.


An hour later, tea and some healthy handfuls.


Some time working on crochet, scrapbooking and cooking some soup for dinner. Snack time involved a bowl of protein crisps.


Christy had singing lessons his afternoon and I bought a tea to have while I waited. Thankfully I wasn’t even tempted by the fundraiser chocolates sitting on the desk – though I did briefly think one would be nice with my cup of tea :-).


Dinner was the Mushroom and Potato Soup I had made earlier – the first soup to appear on my blog :-). I’ll try and get the recipe typed up tomorrow.


It was so nice to just have to heat up the bowl when I got home. The downside to soup is I find it’s pretty easily digested so an hour later I ready for something else. My choice – a slice of bread with some spreadable cheese.


And I have confess I polished off the rest of Christy’s custard while tidying up the kitchen and had a small handful of tiny teddies with a cup of tea in bed while reading!