Vegetarian Cooking Class

Today I went to a vegetarian cooking class run by Sustainable Illawarra. It was taught by Adam of “I Feel Good“. Surprisingly I was only one of two vegetarians. It was  such a great class and I came away with new knowledge and a new confidence. We made things for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.


The class was held in the Council building so we had a great view over Wollongong from the kitchen.


The highlights for me were the hummus – I’ve never before found a good at-home recipe. But this was fantastic. It was served with the most delicious salad – which I will definitely be making next week.


I helped make a Thai curry – which was nice but I could taste the coriander and I’m not a real fan of that particular herb.


The Pad Thai was yummy though.


And, of course, with Adam being a chef everything was presented beautifully.

My other favourite of the day was the Vegan Banana Cake (in fact I have one in the oven RIGHT NOW. Unfortunately the one in class burnt (was one VERY hot oven) so the top was removed. I skipped the icing because it had passionfruit in it (which I don’t like) but honestly this cake was SOOOOO yummy it didn’t need it anyway. Hope mine turns out just as good.


So a truly fantastic class. I think Adam is running another one in May – check out the Sustainable Illawarra calender. And I will DEFINITELY be doing some more of his classes.

8 thoughts on “Vegetarian Cooking Class

  1. That sounds like an interesting day Libby. What a great initiative that is for the residents of your area. I wish the Blue Mountains did stuff like that. Hope things with your girls are better now they are back at school.

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  3. That all looks so yummy…like you no one in this house likes the taste or smell of coriander, which sadly is the base of most thai dishes

  4. hi libby, are you able to post recipe for hummus? i too eat it nearly everyday and would much rather make it than store bought but i cant find a good recipe. your one looks beautiful. i would love a copy of it ? pretty please !!!!!! lol

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