Crazy Tuesday

Ooops, I stayed up too late last night reading and while I woke up at 5am, I went back to sleep and didn’t wake again until nearly 7am!!! Too late for the walk I had planned, esp. when I had to be out the door at 8.15am. After getting ready I sat to eat breakfast with the girls. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to made a bowl of muselli. But I wasn’t really in the mood and only ate a few spoonfulls.


When I got back from uniform shop just after 9am I made a green smoothie. Yummy as always.


After watching some of the launch of I want my bikini body, I headed out to get the groceries. I made a short grocery haul video if you want to see what I got.

It was then time for some lunch – which was pita bread with hummus, a lentil patty and some sprouts. Yummy and so full of goodness.


I packed a banana (and sandwiches for the girls) to take in the car to eat on the way to this afternoons appointment.


Then because it was a crazy afternoon I bought a choc bar which I had on the way home.


Back home eventually I made myself a cup of tea which I had with some healthy handfuls. Feeling a bit stressed with the way the afternoon had turned out.  Of course then I didn’t get hungry until 7pm and since it was just Christy and me for dinner I made some cheese on toast.


Probably not one of my best food days – but not too bad considering how crazy it ended up.