My crazy afternoon

It started out like many afternoon – I pick the girls up from school and we head off for an appointment. On the way we hear these has been an accident on the expressway so we go the alternate way. Oooops. Lots of traffic now being rediverted from the accident (which was in fact a fatality). We thought  the coast would be clear on the way home but NOOOO. Remember we live in Wollongong where 10 cars lined up is traffic! It took us nearly an hour for a 15min trip!


In the meantime Amy tells me that she can no longer feel or move the fingers of her left hand. She had been pushed yesterday and fell and we thought it was just sprained. So now Kevin has taken her to Emergency. But oops… we forgot about the traffic and they are now stuck in it!!!!

Just goes to show you never know how your day is going to turn out.

3 thoughts on “My crazy afternoon

  1. Sounds like you had a taste of everyday Sydney traffic 🙂 Hope Amy’s wrist is ok.

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