Mothers Day at the farm


When I woke up this morning I was instructed to stay in bed. I did but requested my laptop.


A short while later I was presented with tea and freshly made cookies….


What a great way to start the day. I was also given a fabulous cap from Amy (which I wore today) and this lovely chalkboard heart from Christy.


Amy made breakfast….


And around 9am we headed off to Belgenny Farm. We had a fabulous day and I had lots of fun taking photos with the DSLR.


There was sheep shearing…


Sheep shearing

cow milking…


Christy milking a cow

Amy milking a cow

And horse demonstrations…





and working dogs…




and most importantly pony rides…


and lots and lots of photos ops.






6 thoughts on “Mothers Day at the farm

  1. Hey Libby, great photos you are doing really well with the DSLR, are you going to keep it? Nice place to spend Mothers Day.

  2. Leanne – I LOVED taking the photos yesterday. I’m just using it on automatic but am starting an online class on moving into manual this week. Plus Kevin plans to give me some lessons. Got just 5 weeks to improve my skills before our trip :-).

  3. Love the photos! Looked like a lovely day! How are the girls getting on after your sisterly love training?!

  4. Kerrie – Things are better but they still have their moments :-). I think they certainly do better when they spend more time together – lucky since we’ll be stuck together for 6 weeks :-).

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