1. Libby Withnall says:

    There is actually two dogs – first two photos are of Bailey, then 3 of Rosie and the last of Bailey. It’s hard to tell the difference when they’re not standing side by side.


  2. vanessa says:

    Hi Libby
    I always love the photos of your dogs. they look so absolutely happy – which I’m sure they are living with you in the lap of luxury. Thanks for the happy pics. Hope you are enjoying this lovely Autumn weather.

  3. Serena says:

    Hi Libby,

    I’m introducing myself after discovering your blog via the You, Me and the Kitchen Sink segment of the Down To Earth blog which, btw, your kitchen is awesome! What a delightful and interesting blog you have featuring your lovely family and scrap-booking skills. Your dogs are CUTE AS!!! It looks like Bailey and Rosie rule the roost just like my little Cody does in this household. lol Cody is a Maltese/Shihtzu/Chihuahua cross although you would never guess he had Chihuahua in him.

    I’m also vegetarian although I will have a small amount of seafood on the rare occasion.

    Enjoy your weekend (we’ve been having a cold snap here in Brissie),

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