5 thoughts on “Creature Comforts

  1. There is actually two dogs – first two photos are of Bailey, then 3 of Rosie and the last of Bailey. It’s hard to tell the difference when they’re not standing side by side.


  2. Hi Libby
    I always love the photos of your dogs. they look so absolutely happy – which I’m sure they are living with you in the lap of luxury. Thanks for the happy pics. Hope you are enjoying this lovely Autumn weather.

  3. Hi Libby,

    I’m introducing myself after discovering your blog via the You, Me and the Kitchen Sink segment of the Down To Earth blog which, btw, your kitchen is awesome! What a delightful and interesting blog you have featuring your lovely family and scrap-booking skills. Your dogs are CUTE AS!!! It looks like Bailey and Rosie rule the roost just like my little Cody does in this household. lol Cody is a Maltese/Shihtzu/Chihuahua cross although you would never guess he had Chihuahua in him.

    I’m also vegetarian although I will have a small amount of seafood on the rare occasion.

    Enjoy your weekend (we’ve been having a cold snap here in Brissie),

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