Those of you who are friends with me on Twitter and Facebook might remember me asking about pots a few months ago. I was sick of tefal getting scratched off the bottom of the pans and having to replace them. I was interested in cast iron. But never made any decisions either way as it was all too confusing.

Fast forward to last week. I was shopping in town and decided to go check out the pots. Wow – I had no idea the cast iron would be so heavy. Definitely not suitable when the girls like to cook. So I went and asked for advice and Scanpan were suggested. I recalled that they had been recommended to me and thought, yep, that’s what I’ll get. Oh, that set of 4 looks nice….oh, but not the price…$1100!!!! Hmm…I’ll come back when they’re on sale and will save at least 30%.

Then when I got home I thought I’d check out Peters of Kensington. That same pot set….. $330!!! SOLD to the lady wanting to buy some pots. Holy moly someone is making a LOT of money.

Fast forward to today and I arrived back from the gym to find the delivery man blocking my driveway (talk about good timing as he was about to leave with my box).


Aren’t they lovely?? I’ve been cooking with them today and am just thrilled with them.


Of course, when ordering from Peters you just have to take advantage of their special deals…. some food prep bowls, a big chefs knife and don’t you just love the babushka doll tea towel? I couldn’t resist it 🙂


I also got a new quilt cover for half price (Bailey ripped ours). Why I shop in department stores I don’t know. I certainly won’t be for kitchen supplies any more.

8 thoughts on “Finally…

  1. OMG that is a whopping price difference. I love Peters too but often forget to shop there I guess because it is on line and I tend to physically head to the shops when I need something. I have been looking for bath mats so I am going there now. Thanks for the reminder and happy cooking!

  2. I still have a stainless steel set with copper bottoms that I received as a wedding gift 37 years ago. My mother told me at the time, “Oh you won’t like those. Copper is so hard to clean.” Yeah, right, who cleans the copper bottoms? Not me. Anyway, please keep us updated on how well the scan pans hold up and cook. I’ve not heard of scan pans, are they teflon coated? I learned (just this year!) not to put teflon in the dishwasher as this makes the coating peel and flake. (And that does not add to the flavor of the food, either!)

    The pans are certainly beautiful and love the tea towel!!!


  3. What a bargain..I keep forgetting about Peters. I think most things are cheaper online if you know where to look. Let us all know how the scanpans go.

  4. libby, do you do most of your shopping online? unless i’m in a goodwill or a cute boutique/fair trade/crafty shop, i almost never buy anything unless it’s online.

    i love etsy for jewelry and gifts, and i love freecycle (though i’ve never gotten anything off it yet) and craigslist and ebay … and i love shoe shopping online, too!

    just wondering.

  5. Libby, I went straight to the link you provided to Peter’s to get myself one of those gorgeous tea towels as I love it and guess what? They are all sold out!!!!! I was so disappointed. I will keep trying back there as the Winter goes on. Well done on the price saving. It really does pay to be a savvy shopper.

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