A day in my life – May

Today started just before 6am when I bounded out of bed and into my exercise clothes ready for todays Red Carpet Ready workout. So loving the new program I’m doing. Before starting I updated my i-pod with some new songs.



Then it was time for a green smoothie while catching up on blogs.


Then it was a mad dash to get ready and out the door. I went and loaded books and donations into the boot. Of course Bailey didn’t miss the opportunity to hop in the car – ever hopeful of a ride.


Breakfast was packed to be eaten in the car – even the girls had to eat in the car.


Then we were off..


After dropping Christy at school I then dropped Amy of for her AG class excursion in town. Then I visited my friend Lucy at her bookshop. I dropped off 4 bags of books and picked up the one to read for book group. I stayed and chatted for about half an hour which was lovely.


I then dropped off the donations at the charity shop. And drove back to Dapto


to go the library…


to pick up two books I had requested.


I then did some banking for the school uniform shop and then headed home for a little pitstop. I managed to have some morning tea before heading back again. Didn’t eat the banana.


This time I was headed for the doctors. I had an appointment with a new lady doctor after getting fed up with long waits at the local medical center. When Kevin went down the other night he was told a 3 hours wait – that’s just crazy. Guess how long I waited today? 5mins!!!! And the facilities seem much nicer. And best of all the doc was just lovely. I had a little list – like getting blood thinner for our long- haul flights (due to a previous DVT) and also the swine flu vaccine – which I was able to have then and there.


It was now around 12.30pm and I had to be back in town to pick up Amy at 2.30pm so I thought I might just wonder around town to fill in the time. I bought some new makeup brushes but really was a bit bored,  feeling lost and not really in the mood for shopping.


I got an iced chocolate and salad from Gloria Jeans and drove down to the beach to eat it. Though I ended up not feeling like the salad.


Eventually it was time to pick up Amy. I got parked and paid my $2. Wollongong has only recently gone to paid parking everywhere – which means it’s actually possible to get a park these days :-).


I love the city center in the Autumn..


A reminder of the mining history…


And I had to photograph this sign above the entrance to the Council building.


I bought a cup of tea while I waited for her and chatted with the lady sitting next to me.  After I collected Amy we headed back home. Finally.


Still feeling out of sort I had another green smoothie. So strange that I really didn’t feel like “eating” much today.


Then it was time to get to work as we had visitors coming over tonight. I made some hummus, prepared the veggies for our BBQ, and made a yummy salad. Amy was kind enough to make desert and set the table.


I managed to sit and relax with a cup of tea for a while before our guests arrived.


Even though neither Kevin or I were really in the mood to entertain tonight we had a lovely time and it was nice catching up with our friends.


We all had a good laugh when Emerson had to cut up Amy’s dinner for her.


Don’t you just love Christy’s look tonight. Here she is showing her french knitting.


Not suprising Amy fell asleep before our guests left.


It’s been a strange day and I was more than happy to hop into bed and read some of my book.


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