Funny food Friday

Today I bounded out of bed ready to tackle another I want my bikini body workout. Good stuff indeed. Then it was time for a green smoothie.


It was a hectic morning as we all had to be out the door at 8.30am so breakfast was packed to eat in the car. I had a small multigrain sandwich with spreadable cheese, tomato and cucumber.


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My morning snack with a few corn thins with cottage cheese. I didn’t end up eating the banana.


I bought a skim iced choc and salad for lunch but I didn’t end up eating the salad. Strangely enough I really didn’t feel much like eating today. Shock horror!!


I think my chickens enjoyed the salad though :-).


My afternoon snack was another green smoothie.


For tonights dinner guests I served some nibbles. I had mainly hummus and vegetables, plus a few tortilla chips and a few pieces of cheese.



Dinner was a BBQ with baked potatoes, sweet potatoe, pineapple, onion and my new favourite salad.

My selection…


I really didn’t feel much like desert (apple crumble) but since Amy had made it I felt I should have some. It was yummy and I ate about 3/4.



Lastly I served tea and coffee and a platter with some bicuits, dark and milk chocolate and some fudge (bought from the farm last weekend). I had a tea and minute piece of fudge – with was so very yummy.