Sleepy Sunday

A very lazy day in our house – mainly because Kevin is suffering with the man flu :-). Unfortunately I’ve got a sore throat but I’m hoping it won’t come to anything more. It was strange waking up this morning and knowing I didn’t have to do any exercise. I actually thought about going for a walk but decided not to (mainly because all my workout clothes were downstairs in the laundry 🙂 ). Instead I played on the computer and enjoyed some hot tea. With my second tea I had some cruskits with spreadable tea. Which meant the family decided they wanted breakfast an hour later I wasn’t hungry!! Just a week ago I would have eaten just for the sake of it but today I enjoyed another tea while they ate.


Around 10am I made a green smoothie for myself and Kevin. We were a little low on spinach today and I added some mango so it’s a bit lighter than normal. Still tasted good though.



I was feeling a bit peckish around 11am so had some corn thins with cottage cheese.


I made some pumpkin soup which both Amy & Kevin had for lunch.


I opted for a salad to get in plenty of nutrition. I didn’t enjoy it as much as normal – I think because my throat is sore.


A short while later I had yet more tea and a dark orange choc.


For my afternoon snack I had another Tropical muffin and tea. Although I’ve drank lots of tea today I’ve also tried to drink plenty of water. But the tea is very soothing for my throat.

Dinner tonight was an easy one – cheese on toast.


I felt like some ice cream to sooth my sore throat but instead I had a lozenger :-). Later, when I headed to bed, I made a cup of tea. Kevin was kind enough to give me one of his dark chocolate buds. I didn’t say no :-).

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  1. Libby have you tried plain hot water sweetened with honey and lemon? This may help b/c it won’t dehyrdate you like tea does. I’m sick today, too … upper respiratory junk. UGH.

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