A walk in the bush…

well the city bush anyway. This morning I was feeling well enough to get out for a walk, but instead of braving the cold before the sun was up I decided to wait until after I dropped Amy off in town (for another excursion). The pups and I embarked on a walk that I haven’t done in around 15 years!!. We started off near the beach and headed off. After about 10mins on the cycle path you head off on the boardwalk..



which eventually gives way to a bush track..


Following along we come to some beautiful views…


You can see the buildings in Wollongong in behind the trees.


Towards to escarpment. Hey, we just walked across that bridge..


Onwards…letting the dogs find the trail…let’s hope those rain clouds stay out to sea…


Ducking under some low branches…hope the dogs know where they are going…



Um…no they didn’t…turn around and go back…looking back towards Wollongong again… that big building is the Novotel where we got married (many, many years ago)…


Onward we trek…back the way we came…eventually taking a wider path…


Then finally the end is in sight…


Oh, no, now we have to turn around and go ALL the way back….


One hour and 10 minutes later and the car is in sight. I’m not sure who more pleased to see it – me or the dogs…


It was seriously a lot of fun (and a great workout). Can’t believe I have NEVER bought the girls here. The poor dogs were so tired. Bailey even feel asleep in the car on the way home :-).

7 thoughts on “A walk in the bush…

  1. That’s the course for the Mother’s Day fun run…can’t tell you how narrow that track feels when you are sharing it with 4000 walkers / runners LOL

  2. hi libby, the kids and i use that track for our bike rides when we bike ride to wollongong. i love it – you could be anywhere in Australia on that track!! lucky you to do it when you want – we have to wait til we go to Corrimal !!

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