Visiting with friends

Does it count if I thought about going on a walk this morning? I really did have good intentions but the thought of going out in the cold was enough to put me in my dressing gown and slippers. But surprisingly it wasn’t that cold when I let the dogs out !!! Oh, well, I’ve got a cup of tea now….and a muffin…


I played on the computer until it was time for breakfast. Today I opted for cheese on toast – one slice had tomato and one slice had pineapple. It was a bit overcooked but still enjoyable.


After showering and getting ready I played on the DSLR – taking photos of the dogs running around outside. We’re going to our best friends for lunch so I got to get dressed up and put on some make-up.


I made Kevin and I a green smoothie to have in the car (our friends live an hour away) and packed some water for the trip home.


Leanne and I….not a great photo since we were squinting into the sun.


oh, and do you like the colour of my new shoes?


We had a lovely visit and plenty of yummy food. For nibblies….plus I had another spring roll.


Lunch was a vegetable lasange (made with mountain bread so it was very healthy and yummy too). I also had some salad and a small piece of herb bread.


Dessert was a warm chocolate pudding with cream. Ah, perfect for the chilly weather we had today.


Finally we had some cookies with tea. I had two.


After a delightful afternoon we headed home just after 5pm, arriving home an hour later to two very excited pups. They aren’t used to to being on their own all day (as usually they would go to my Mum’s next door – but they are away at the moment).

Dinner was a very easy one of leek & potato soup and a slice of bread.


Since it had been a light dinner I had another muffin with a cup of tea.


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